Hose Reels

  • Supply & Installation of new Hose Reels
  • Servicing of all types of hose reels  

Thinking of decommissioning your office or warehouse hose reels?

Many companies are removing their old hose reels and replacing them with portable fire extinguishers. There are three main benefits in doing this:

  1. If you have hose reels in your premises you will need to have them regularly tested for Legionella and keep records of the tests - this adds extra costs to your Hose Reel maintenance.
  2. The ongoing maintenance of portable fire extinguishers is less costly than it is for hose reels.
  3. If you do have to use a fire extinguisher in an emergency it’s a lot less cumbersome than using a hose reel.

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If you cannot see what you require, please contact us with your enquiry

Hose Reel Annual Testing (recertification):

Hose Reels should be tested annually according to BS EN671/3.

We can service and recertify any manufacturer’s range of hose reels.

Upon completion of your fire extinguisher service and hose reel test we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Conformity stating that the equipment serviced / tested has been tested and complies with current British Standards.