Dry Risers

Building Regulations requires that any building more than 18m high, measured from the fire brigade access level to the top floor, or which has floors more than 10m below ground must be provided with ‘fire fighting shafts’ and a fire fighting rising main. This can be a wet or dry riser.Dry Riser Inlet Cabinet

Dry Risers should be pressure tested every year to BS9990: 2015, and every alternate 6 months they need a visual examination.

We’ve invested in the latest riser pressure testing equipment so our customers can enjoy the benefits of quiet, non-polluting, riser testing unlike the noisy and air-polluting testing equipment that’s the standard in the industry.

Standard riser testing equipment is not Carbon Neutral - ours is, so we score pretty highly on the ‘green’ front when it comes to riser pressure testing.

Inlet Breeching46 54088 Horizontal Outlet Valve

Upon completion of your riser test we’ll provide you with a test certificate stating that the dry riser system has been tested, is completely safe and fully functioning.

If you cannot see what you require, please contact us with your enquiry