Smoke Vents

Supplies and preventative maintenance (testing to you and me) of your Smoke Vents.

Smoke vents in a building can be crucial to the safety of the people in it. In the event of a fire the smoke vents allow smoke to escape the building, increasing survival rates. Some 50-80% of all ‘fire deaths’ are the result of smoke inhalation injuries, so the proper maintenance of your smoke vents is critical.

Smoke vent testing should be carried out according to BS9999 2008 clause V.6.1 which details the requirement for maintenance of smoke ventilation systems.

We can help with your annual smoke vent testing by implementing an attendance schedule to test your equipment correctly and ensure your premises remains compliant.

Any testing carried out, either by you or your nominated third-party organisation, should be recorded in your fire equipment log book. This log book should be kept in a safe and readily available location in case visiting emergency services need to reference it.

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